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Access Control vs Key and Lock Systems – which is right for your home?


Access Control vs Key and Lock Systems – which is right for your home?

When it comes to shielding your home with a strapping security service, there is an array of locking options that one can avail. Furthermore, several other factors that influence the locking system of your home; for instance, the number of people in your family, the crucial things stored inside the cupboards and several others. We will be evaluating both these security systems extensively so that you can arrive at a well-calculated decision for your home.

Lock and key:

The conventional method resorted to by most people when it comes to securing their house is lock and key. However, the diversities served by the mechanical locks are innumerable; the most common kinds are the deadbolt and multipoint locking systems. The deadbolts are the traditional variety that includes a single lock and key and the mechanism is initiated by turning the key inside the lock that releases the door. The multipoint systems, on the other hand, consist of several locking points that can be operated at the same time only by one key. When compared to the deadbolts, the multipoint systems are more secure and can be engaged in wider purposes.

Access control key:

The second variation that we will be dealing with here is the access control key that is classified under the digital locks. A modern approach and a sturdy method of security, these keys grant limited access and open doors only when the present biometrics is matched with the ones that were previously registered in its memory. Moreover, these methods can be customized and programmed accordingly by the owner and can also be linked with the other security appliances of the home such as the security cameras, telecom, and the answering machines. With criminals formulating new methods of compromising the house’s security, the methods of protection should be set at par to combat the ordeals.

Which one would suit better?

Like we mentioned in the preceding section, the reliance on stereotypical lock and key for your home’s security can be questioned. Design a duplicate key or registering the pattern to create a new one has been equaled to a cakewalk with the emergence of technology. Additionally, with these digital locks, there is no need to worry about carrying it everywhere or losing it. In the following segment, we will be providing you with a few advantages of using the access control key for your home.

  • At no point, will the digital locks allow any stranger to trespass the doors if they cannot recognize the biometrics entered into them.
  • With the access control keys linked to the other security appliances of your home, you will know exactly the number of people coming and going through the doors so that if at some point you recognize something suspicious, you can delve deep into the matter.
  • If there is a need for customization, with access control keys, there is no need to go through the hustle of changing the lock and key altogether. The biometrics of a new person can be simply added or removed whenever the need arises.
  • Lastly, the biggest benefit of using access to control keys at home is its simple user interface that can be used by anyone. When you are in a hurry or the child of the house is trying to make his way inside, then these digital keys work most efficiently.
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