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6 Steps to Spring Clean your Patio


After such a long, cold winter in Perth, you can’t wait for the warm summer days and nights so you can invite friends over and fire up the barbeque. Then you look outside at your outdoor patio area and picture yourself doing hard labour for several before you’re even close to welcoming any visitors. But, with the right tips and tools, you can have an outdoor area looking great in one weekend.

1. Washing the Patio Floor

Winter rains can leave unsightly stains, mould and moss on paving bricks. A high-pressure spray can remove marks quickly. If you don’t have one, use a broom with stiff bristles and a bucket of outdoor cleaning solution. If you have weeds growing between the pavers, use a path weed killer over the area.  

Tools: High-pressure spray or broom with stiff bristles, a bucket of outdoor cleaning solution, path weeder.  

2. Patio Cleaning

A little regular maintenance can go a long way in keeping your patio looking good and lasting longer. First, wipe away any cobwebs and loose dirt. Use a bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge to wipe off any surface mould, dirt or grease from patio beams and the top of any dirty polycarbonate sheets.   

Tools: Long-handled broom or cobweb remover, brush or cloth, bucket, ladder

3. Cleaning the BBQ

If you haven’t cleaned your BBQ after each use, you’re in for a messy job. Spray or pour white vinegar over the BBQ plate, grill and under the lid or hood then scrub with a BBQ cleaning brush. For other parts of your BBQ and surrounds that are covered in grease and dirt, use hot soapy water and a microfiber cloth or use disposable BBQ wipes.

If cleaning the BBQ is too daunting, you can call in a mobile oven cleaning company. Most will clean BBQs as well as ovens.         

Tools: Stiff wire brush, vinegar, bucket of hot soapy water, disposable BBQ wipes

4. Sprucing up the Outdoor Furniture

Usually, a quick squirt with the hose or wipe over with a sponge will be enough, but for the start of the season, you might want to give cushions a good clean with hot soapy water before drying in the sun. If you have wooden furniture now is the ideal time to oil or stain it to stop cracking and splinters.

Tools: Sponge or cloth, bucket of hot soapy water, wood stain or oil

5. Sparkling Windows

Brush over your windows, sills and doors with a long-handled broom or brush. Use a hose on the windows and door to remove the majority of dirt and wash out the sand that has settled in the tracks.  Finally wash your windows and glass sliding doors to remove dirt, grease and salt. Once your windows are sparkly clean, they are easier to maintain throughout the summer months with a microfiber cloth and a squirt of water or vinegar.

Tools: Hose, bucket, squeegee, hot water with vinegar or window cleaner  

6. Plants Refreshed

Well-maintained plants can be the finishing touches your outdoor area needs. Trim off any dead leaves and spent flower heads from the plants surrounding your outdoor area.  Check your potted plants to see if they are root bound or need fresh potting mix and if not give them the recommended dose of a slow release fertiliser to keep them looking good all summer. If you want to inject some colour buy punnets of annuals for hanging baskets, table-top pots or at the base of existing plants in garden beds or feature pots.

Weed the garden beds and apply mulch to protect roots on the hot days to come. Finally, check your reticulation is working properly now that the sprinkler ban has expired.

Tools: Potting mix, garden trowel, new plants, retic parts

A great looking outdoor area makes all the difference when you are entertaining. Make one trip to the hardware to get all the supplies you are likely to need then get to work.  

If you have any queries with the best way to maintain your patio, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Poulter Installations.

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