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Choosing the Right Roofline for your Patio


Choosing the roofline of your patio is a big decision. The roofline impacts on the look, height, the temperature underneath and the value it adds to your home. At Poulter Installations all of our patios are completely custom designed and made so you can have a roofline and the materials you like, without compromise. Choose between flat, gable, dome and pyramid rooflines for a patio that perfectly matches your requirements.

Here are a few considerations to think about when deciding on the roofline for your patio.


Air Circulation

If you are after an open patio with plenty of headroom for entertaining guests, then a gable roofline may appeal to you more than a flat roof patio. In summer a gable or pyramid roof can be cooler than a flat roof line as there is more space for the hot air to rise.

Style of House

Some house styles and age may be better suited to one patio roofline more than others. An older style house often looks great with a gable roof while any roofline can suit a modern home. In some instances, the patio can be designed to follow a house roofline.


If you have a long rectangular area to cover then the square shape of the pyramid roofline may not be your best option. Also, if you make your patio too small, you may not have enough protection from the weather. 


The position of your patio may influence the roofline you choose. If your patio area is on the western side of the house copping the full force of the afternoon sun, you may want a lower roofline to block more of the sinking sun. If your patio will be exposed to the afternoon sun, then you may choose a pitched roof to keep it cooler than if your patio is going to be shaded by the house. Some patio areas need as much protection as possible from the roof if this is the side of the house that the rain and wind hits.


Some rooflines are more expensive to build than others. If you have a tight budget, a flat patio roofline may be for you. If you have a little more to spend then you can choose the more expensive pyramid roofline. If there is a roofline you like, simply tell us which one and we can give you options with different sizes and materials to fit within your budget.  

Time of Year

If you are planning on using your patio for entertaining during the warmer months, then air circulation and sun protection will be important to you. If you want to use your patio all year round and will be enclosing it, you will need to consider your roofline options for this.


A patio roofline can be dictated by the type of materials you want for the roof. If you want to use a material that allows the light to penetrate the patio, you might decide on a gable roof that includes polycarbonate panels over any windows on the house.


All about the Look

Some clients love the look of one roofline over all others and find it easy to order their patio. Other clients like a couple of different styles and find it hard to choose. If you aren’t sure which roofline you want, we’re always happy to offer suggestions to find one that fits your lifestyle needs and budget.

For an idea of the rooflines available, visit our display centre in Wangara Perth to see for yourself or make an appointment for one of the Poulter Installations team members to visit you to have a look at your patio area and give you a no obligation quote. We cover the full metropolitan Perth area.

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