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Fitting out your Workshop


A little planning before you decide on your workshop can go a long way in making sure it fits your needs now and in the future. What seemed like such a big space when the walls go up can quickly become a much smaller space when you start filling it up.

Deciding on Workshop Size

If you have the luxury of space in your backyard, your first decision is the size of the workshop you want. Rather than making an educated guess, try drawing up a rough plan of where you will place everything that needs to live in the new workshop.

Plan What is Being Stored in the Workshop

If you maintain your gardens, you might have a lawnmower and edger that take up a couple of metres of valuable floor space. Most people need a work bench, so they have an area to tinker with tools or projects for work and recreation. Work out how big you want the bench and mark off an area on your plan.

If you are storing sporting equipment in your shed, decide how much of it will take up floor space and what can be stored on hooks on the walls or suspended from the roof. Remember to take into consideration how often you use an item. If a paddleboard or surf ski is used most weekends in summer, it’s unlikely to be hung from the roof after each trip to the beach. If your kids’ bikes need to go in, they probably won't be able to put them on wall hooks so make some room for them.

What Will you Use the Workshop For?

You may have decided to buy a workshop simply for storage because the house and garage are overflowing with kids gear and you need the storage space. While you're working full-time, you may not have much time to spend in your men's shed now, but workshops last many years so if you have aspirations of taking up wood crafting in retirement, make sure it's big enough to suit your needs for the next 20 plus years.

Light for your Workshop

Part of deciding the purpose of your workshop is to work out what lighting you will require. If you are only storing old archive boxes, a small window may be enough light. If your workshop is going to be used for working in, you will need electricity for tools and artificial lighting. If you intend to spend a lot of time in the shed during the day, you may want to put in larger windows and skylights, so you have more natural light available.

Access to the Workshop

During the planning stage, measure some of your larger items like your mower to decide if a single door is going to be wide enough to get your gear in and out of the workshop easily. You don’t want to scrape your knuckles on a tight doorway every weekend wishing you had the foresight to put in double doors for a little extra cost.     


There are a few options to consider for your hard floor workshop. You can arrange for us to pour a concrete slab or you can lay pavers. Just let us know when the floor is ready for the workshop.  

Storage Solutions

To make the most of your valuable space, invest in some storage solutions. If you are handy, you can make your workbenches and shelves or buy ready-made shelving units that require some assembly. If you have a lot of hand tools, decide if you will be storing them on the wall or benches and shelves. There are many different storage options available now compared to the humble pegboard with the tools outlined in black texta that our fathers used. Luckily you have plenty of inspiration available at your fingertips. Look up Pinterest and YouTube for some impressive storage solution ideas.

If you need any help with the design of your workshop, talk to your friendly consultant at Poulter Installations. We can come out to have a look at your backyard and discuss the best location and size of your new workshop.

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