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How does SUNTUF Work?


If you are looking for a cool, comfortable patio you can use throughout the heat of summer, SUNTUF is your answer. It’s not just its heat resistant qualities that have made SUNTUF a popular choice in patio roofing around the world.

What is SUNTUF?

SUNTUF are the producers of innovative polycarbonate roofing and wall sheeting. Their products use SolarSmart technology to protect people from harmful UV rays. SolarSmart reduces the transmission of heat through the material keeping your under patio area cooler.

It is an ideal roofing material because of its high impact strength and temperature range. SUNTUF allows for good light transmission, perfect for patios. SUNTUF can be used in a range of rooflines and is available in a wide variety of colours. SolarSmart reduces the transmission of heat through the material keeping your under patio area cooler.

Benefits of SUNTUF

Let in the Light but Keep out Heat

SUNTUF is a popular choice in patio roofing because it allows maximum light with minimum heat transfer. The SUNTUF SolarSmart range reflects more heat across the entire ultraviolet light spectrum and not just the part that provides visible light. SolarSmart can block out the ‘near infrared’ heat radiation that makes us feel hot sitting under other roof materials on a summer’s day.

UV Blocking

It’s not only the radiating heat, but SUNTUF blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays so you have peace of mind knowing your family can stay outside for an extended period without the risk of sunburn.

UV Resistant

SUNTUF is weather and UV resistant, so a limited lifetime warranty is available. SUNTUF has a 25-year watertight warranty, so you don’t have any annoying leaks in your patio roof.

Impact & Hail Resistant

Despite its light weight, SUNTUF is strong, impact and hail resistant. Unlike some other light-transmitting roof materials, you won’t find any cricket ball or hail sized holes in SUNTUF. The polycarbonate SUNTUF material is fire resistant and is rated for cyclonic winds.

Variety of Colours

SUNTUF comes in a wide range of colours that can be perfectly-matched with Colourbond profile sheets.  


SUNTUF can be used in a range of roof designs.


SUNTUF is used in commercial and residential settings worldwide. SUNTUF is used as a roofing material for large stadiums and as industrial roof lights due to its impact resistance. SUNTUF is also ideal for skylights and agriculture greenhouses due to its high light transmitting properties.

Homeowners around the world choose SUNTUF for their patios, pergolas and canopies because it keeps their family safe from damaging UV rays and keeps the patio cool in summer.

If you are looking for the latest roof material that is long-lasting and will keep the heat out of your patio, you can’t go past SUNTUF. If you have any questions about SUNTUF or any of our other roof materials, don’t hesitate to call Poulter Installations on (08) 9302 1234 or come and visit our Wangara display centre. One of our experienced consultants is also available to visit your home for a no-obligation chat and a free quote.

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