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How to organise your garden shed & keep it that way

Garden Sheds

Before you know it the garden shed has become a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t belong in the house. No one wants to spend their precious weekends rummaging through the shed looking for something. Organise your shed once and for all so you can easily access the items you need.

Regular Culls

If your shed is packed full of gear, it might be time for a clean out. On a six monthly or annual basis go through everything you have in the shed. Ideally pull everything out so you can sweep or hose the floor, wipe down the walls and any flat surfaces to remove dirt and cobwebs. Only put back what you use and donate or throw out the rest. Remember, paint tins shouldn’t be disposed of in the rubbish bin, take them to your local recycling centre so they can be processed properly. Old car batteries should also be kept separate from your weekly rubbish collection.


The type of storage you use will depend on what you are storing. If your garden shed leaks or has a problem with condensation, make sure any archived paperwork is removed from cardboard boxes and placed in watertight boxes.

Repurpose containers from the kitchen. Collect small items like nails and screws, that are likely to be lost or dropped from open packets, into jars and plastic containers. Label and place them together so you know where to look for small bits and pieces.

Make it Orderly

Garden sheds are usually not that roomy so decide what items you need to access easily. The lawnmower might look better in the back corner but it may not be that accessible if it’s tucked behind other items and you need access to it twice a month. Keep tools together if they are used at the same time. Put the edger behind the lawnmower so it can come straight out after you move the mower.  

Utilise Every Space

There is a clip or hook for just about every item so use your wall space to hang the shovel, spade, rake and broom. Even small garden tools like the hand shovel and trowel can be hung up for easy access and to save space. If you don’t use your bike regularly, hang it up so it’s out of the way and not at risk of falling over as you move around the shed.

If you have the headroom, look at utilising the space under the roof pitch. Items that aren’t needed regularly like the paddle board in winter can be tied up here.

If room permits get a workbench with shelves underneath to double your shelf space. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a commercial workbench, ask a friend to help you make a simple timber one. Look for storage containers that are the right height for storing under the bench. Clearly mark your containers so you know the contents of each one.

Keep it Tidy

The whole shed quickly becomes unworkable if you don’t keep it clean and tidy. Keep an old towel handy near the door so sand, clippings and sap can be wiped off your equipment, ready for next time. If you wipe over your secateurs after each session, there is less maintenance required and they will last longer. Know where everything is stored and put it back in the right place each time.

If it is hard to see the contents of your shed because it’s dark inside, either organise better lighting or, if you don’t have power, put in a window or skylight.

If you need help deciding on the right size or material for your garden shed, call Poulter Installations on 9302 1234 or visit the display centre at 34 Achievement Way, Wangara.

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