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Organising a Party on your Patio


If you are planning a hold a party on your patio, invest some time researching ways to glam up your backyard soiree. A party at home gives you the opportunity to show off your new patio and keep party costs down. Not having to pay venue hire costs and commercial food and drink prices can save you hundreds of dollars.

Gathering Ideas

You want your patio to look party-ready so dress it up with some decorations. To get you started with some ideas, log on to Pinterest and search ‘backyard party decorations’. Visit your local party shop and stock up on themed decorations and party supplies. Order helium balloons for added pizazz. eBay is another good source of party decorations. You’ll find everything from tissue paper pom poms to red carpets and everything in between.  


If your party is at night, lighting can transform your patio and backyard. Again research on Pinterest for ideas on how to create the mood you want for your party. There are plenty of inexpensive lighting options now available and most don’t require an electrician. You could use string or fairy lights, coloured lights, uplighting of feature plants, border lights, candles, floating lights for your pool and even glow-in-the-dark painted pots.  

Heating and Cooling

If your party is at night during the cooler months of the year, you may need to think about heating the patio area. Consider using gas heaters or a fire pit in the backyard if it’s safe to do so.

A daytime party on a hot summer’s day, may need cooling for your patio. Hire an electrician to install an outdoor ceiling fan or use a misting fan if you need to keep a big group of people cool on a very hot day.   


Party hire companies can supply everything you need to save you having to buy items you may not use again. Hiring will also save you time running around purchasing the items. Decide if you will be supplying seating for some or all of your guests. Chairs can take up a lot of room so first work out how much space you have available.

Countdown to Party Time

It’s important to get organised early so you aren’t rushing at the last minute to pull the party together. Here is a timeline for getting your backyard and patio party ready!

Eight weeks out

  • Do your research and decide on a theme for your party

  • Organise trades for any jobs that need to be completed inside and outside

Six weeks out

  • Print and send out the invitations

  • Order your decorations

  • Book a caterer if you are using a company to supply the food otherwise decide on your menu with food items that can be made in advance and frozen

  • Write a list of drinks and organise tubs or fridges for keeping them cold

  • Book wait or kitchen staff for serving food and drinks   

  • Book a DJ or organise your music

  • Book the hire company

Five weeks out

  • Draw a plan of your patio and decide where everything will be located - drinks, food tables, DJ, dance floor

Four weeks out

  • Trim trees or shrubs in the backyard and mulch garden beds

  • Purchase any lighting, fans or fire pits

Two weeks out

  • Confirm the hire, catering and DJ companies

One week out

  • Give your patio a good clean by washing windows, door frames, floor, BBQ and furniture

  • String up lights to check they are working

Day before

  • Get out all the cutlery, glasses, drink containers and have everything in one place so it doesn’t take long to move it outside tomorrow

Day of party

  • Wipe over any outdoor dusty surfaces and clean the floor

  • Set up the tables and move everything out to the patio

  • Pick up any balloons you have ordered

  • Hang up your decorations and any additional lighting

  • Stand back and admire how good your patio looks

Enjoy the party!

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