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Planning your Outdoor Kitchen


We want to entertain in luxurious outdoor rooms. With more time spent in our backyards for everyday family living and entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is an ideal addition to many alfresco and patio areas.

Adequate Cover

If you don’t want to barbeque in the rain, make sure your kitchen area has adequate cover from the elements. A higher gabled roofline is better suited than a flat roof for cooking under.


Depending on what you are cooking, barbeques can put out a lot of smoke and heat that becomes trapped under the patio roof. If you don’t want to smoke out your guests, install a range hood. You will also reduce the amount of airborne grease that moving around your patio area.  


Think about how many people you usually entertain at once and the space you need to cook. Check out the accessories and space under the hood if you intend using the barbeque for cooking a roast. By cooking roasts outside your indoor oven stays cleaner and your house cooler in summer.  

Pizza Oven

There was a pizza revolution about 10 years ago. While their popularity has decreased, pizzas are still a popular meal. Guests can choose their toppings and cook their wood-fired pizza in a few minutes. If you decide to include a wood-fired pizza oven as part of your kitchen fit out, remember you need somewhere dry to store the wood neatly.   


Decide early on if you want a sink outside for washing utensils and rinsing glasses. If so, check that you have access to water and get an estimate from a plumber to put in the pipes before you buy the latest in outdoor kitchen sinks.  


Do you want to store BBQ utensils, plates and cutlery outside so you aren’t going in and out of the house? Look at putting in one or two drawers that could hold the items you use outside most regularly.  


Upmarket glass-door wine and beer fridges aren’t just for ritzy restaurants anymore. New and renovated homes are adding them into indoor and outdoor kitchens. They can be set at a cooler temperature to keep drinks icy cold compared to the kitchen fridge.

Benchtop Materials

Stainless steel and stone are popular for benchtops because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t date.

Wood benchtops might look good, but the building code requires a fire proof material between the BBQ and flammable benchtop. Wood also needs a little more maintenance.

Tiled splashbacks and even benchtops can be difficult to keep clean with the grease staining the grout.

Find materials that are functional and look good for your outdoor kitchen.   

A well-planned outdoor kitchen will become an asset to your home and lifestyle. Poulter Installations can give you advice to make sure your patio is ideal for housing your outdoor kitchen.

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