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Roller and Sectional Garage Doors - How To Choose

Garage Doors

It’s likely you won’t have considered the differences between a roller and sectional garage door until it comes time to buy one.

There are a few points to think about when deciding on the heaviest piece of equipment in your home:

  • the look and finish you want

  • your budget

  • existing fittings

  • the level of security

  • space available

  • auto or manual operation


Here we review the features and advantages of both types of garage doors to find the one that’s right for your home or commercial premises.

Features of Roller Doors

Roller doors are metal slatted and roll vertically into a coil above the opening. Roller doors are used to secure residential, industrial and commercial premises. Commercial roller doors are made of heavy duty materials and may be fixed to the face of the wall rather than be fixed to the ceiling. Residential roller doors are usually fixed to the inside of the opening.  

Advantages of Roller Doors

One of the big advantages of the roller door is their cost. Roller doors can be up to 10% cheaper than sectional doors. However, there is no need to sacrifice on appearance. Roller doors have come a long way since the 80s and are available in a wide range of modern colours so there will be one to compliment your home.

For many homes in Perth, the garage provides valuable storage space. A roller door doesn’t take up roof space like a sectional garage door so you are free to use this area for storing bulky items like kayaks and camping gear.  

Roller doors are lightweight and are therefore easier to operate manually, but there is also the option of a remote control unit. Roller doors don’t need to be serviced as often and require less maintenance to keep your door looking good.

Roller doors are available for smaller width spaces than sectional doors. Roller doors are suitable for single and double openings and are made to measure.

Features of Sectional Doors

Sectional doors lay horizontal, parallel to the garage roof rather than coil like roller doors. They have metalwork and rollers on both sides of the opening and come in a wide range of finishes with window inserts and patterns available.

Advantages of Sectional Doors

Sectional doors haven’t been available for as long as roller doors so people’s perception is that sectionals are the modern take on rollers. They also have the advantage of being available in the popular wood-grain finishes which aren’t available on roller doors.

Also if it’s natural light you want in your garage then a sectional door will allow you to have window inserts in varying sizes. Some garages have limited headroom particularly if it holds a large FWD. Sectional doors require a smaller minimum space than is required to hold a roller door coil.

When installed correctly, sectional doors offer better security than a roller door. The door panels are set behind sturdy steel framework with rollers either side proving lateral resistance against an attempted forced entry.

Compare the difference in specs for yourself.


Sectional Garage Door

Roller Garage Door

Min headroom required

230 mm

400 mm

Min side room required

125 mm

100 mm


Wood-grain look, Colourbond, Steel, Aluminium

Colourbond, Steel, Aluminium




Automation Availability






Double size width







Feel free to call Poulter Installations on 9302 1234 with any queries or, if you’d prefer to open and close a few garage doors to see for yourself, visit our display centre at 34 Achievement Way, Wangara.

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