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Australians love their outdoor areas. Western Australia, in particular, has an ideal climate to enjoy spending time in our backyards. A patio extends the living space of the house for growing families and allows you to enjoy the outdoors without risking sunburn or heat stroke in summer and getting wet in winter.

In most homes, the patio is the hub for entertaining family and friends, so we want it to be as luxurious and comfortable as possible for our guests. It’s a growing market and there are now so many items available that can turn your patio from functional to fanciful.

Include a few of these items on your wish list and soon you will be a regular host in your resort-quality entertaining area.


Wall-mounted flat screen TVs made it possible for us to start using them outside. An outdoor TV makes it a perfect location for watching a big game with all your mates or for the family to watch the nightly news while you eat tea outside. All you need to house your TV is a flat wall on a patio wide enough that it won’t get wet when it rains. Keep your TV dust-free when not in use with a cover that slips over.

Drinks Fridges

If you are going to be spending several hours outside, you want easy access to top up guests’ drinks without the need to keep going inside the house. A full-size stainless steel fridge will allow you to keep plenty of drinks plus all the meat and salad for the BBQ meal. If your budget extends that far choose multiple glass door fridges – one for the beer and one for the wine. Some units are designed to work in 40 plus degree conditions while keeping drinks at the right temperature.


What’s the point of a drinks fridge without a bar you might ask? A bar provides easy access to glasses, ice and a sink for rinsing, so there is no need to go inside for supplies. A trip to a resort overseas has many Australians returning home with the ultimate dream of a swim-up variety of bar!


The humble two burner barbie is no longer acceptable for cooking the snags. A large plate and grill are needed to cook for the hordes of guests. A wood fired pizza oven gives you plenty of choice in cooking outside and keeping your indoor oven spotless. A pizza oven can be used for so much more than tasty wood-fired pizzas. Cook the Sunday roast with all the trimmings then keep the fire stoked for a warm entertaining area you can use year round.     

Heating and Cooling

If you decide against the pizza oven for heating but want to use your patio on a winter evening, look at installing overhead electric heaters. If you prefer the look of a fire, invest in a gas heater or the cheaper option of a chiminea or fire pit. If you need wood for your fire or pizza oven make sure you build in a wood storage area so you can keep a stock neatly nearby.

To cool down the patio on a hot summer’s day you can’t go past a misting fan system. The ultra-fine mist of water can decrease the air temperature by 15 degrees without wetting your guests. If you prefer an overhead fan, a bamboo fan will give your patio the resort look.  


If you have the room under your patio you may want to set up multiple seating zones. You can have a casual lounge area with comfortable couches and a table and chairs set to move to when you are ready to eat a meal. Make sure the height of your chairs and table are perfectly matched for eating.

Outdoor fabrics have come a long way, so it is possible to have an outdoor lounge without worrying about the cushions deteriorating in hot and cold conditions.        

Enclose It

Keep out the sun, dust and flies with fitted, pull-down outdoor blinds. The blinds can stop at any position to block out the sun but still let in a breeze. Leave the blinds down most of the time to stop the leaves and dust, so there’s less work involved in cleaning the furniture and ground.

Talk to Poulter Installations about including a few luxuries in the design of your patio and make it the envy of all your guests.

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