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You Can Leave the Shire Approval Process to Us


In the world of home improvements, nothing can be more certain than shire approval paperwork. Gaining a building licence from your local council or shire is one of those jobs you’d prefer to put off for...well...ever.

Several years ago, we realised our clients didn’t want the hassle of filling in forms, submitting to council, making payment and then following up approval for their new patio or carport. Our clients just want their great looking patio or carport without the hassle. So we decided that we’d take on the job of filing for shire approval on our behalf of all our clients.  

We Made Shire Approvals Our Job

Over the years we have familiarised ourselves with the paperwork requirements of every council and shire in the Perth metropolitan area. Some councils have us print and handwrite the application form like it’s still 1999 while others have gone all fancy with an online system.

Along the way we’ve learnt the planning and building codes and requirements of every council. You can even test us on it. What is the minimum distance I can build from the fence? How big can I make my patio? Will I need planning approval? We have every question covered.    

Shire Approval Process

We use a process for every building and planning application we complete so we can gain approval without delay. 

  1. While the engineer’s drawings are being prepared, we’ll confirm if we need to apply for a planning licence or just a building licence.

  2. Once you have approved the drawings, we complete the application forms and submit with payment.

  3. We let you know the application/s have been lodged and when we can expect to hear back from the council.

  4. We diarise to follow up the council’s building department and (if you need a planning licence) the planning department to check on the progress of your application/s.

  5. As soon as the approval/s are received, we let you know it’s all systems go and the date you can expect us to be installing at your place!


Below are a few frequently asked questions clients ask us about shire approvals.

How Long Does Shire Approval Take?

Every council and shire is different and timing can change depending on the number of applications they are dealing with at the time. We’ll can give you a rough idea of how long your council usually takes to issue a licence and then we’ll keep you informed at every stage of the approval process.

How do I know if I need a planning licence or just a building licence?  

This all depends on a range of factors. You may need a planning licence if your property is part of a strata or on a group dwelling site, if the size and cost of the project is significant and if we’re building close to a boundary or existing house. We’ll be able to let you know which licences you will require as soon as we know the details of your project.  

Is there an additional charge for Poulter Installations to make the council applications on my behalf?

No the quote we provide is all inclusive, so there is no extra charge for us to look after council approval for you. 

Once approval has been granted how much longer before you can install?

We’ll be ready to install your new patio or carport 4-6 weeks from shire approval being received.

So feel free to leave the paper pushing to the experts at Poulter Installations but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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