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What’s more important for a home service business: SEO or Social Media

What’s more important for a home service business: SEO or Social Media

It is no news that social media marketing is and is going to be one of the giants of cyber success and it is going to be the key advertising strategy very soon. It is great for increasing the online visibility of any business and it is the best way to grow a business from scratch. Social media marketing has strategies which if utilized well can be used to make a new brand become a world-class brand in only a short time. When running a home service and a home business, you need to employ the right strategies and right techniques to make sure your business gets seen by the right people and not people who are not in your demographic and your market.  SEO services are also great for home business and home services. It makes sure your service gets listed when it is searched for in a search engine. It makes sure your business is reached by the exact people who want it. When you have great SEO for your business you really would have a lot of traffic to your business and not just any traffic but useful traffic. When you have to decide which is more important for your home service business it boils down to the level of your home service or business.

How long you have been in business

This is very important. If you are been in the home service business for a while and you have gathered a good level of customer base and a good number of people are aware of your service, then it’s time to move to SEO and making sure your home service business comes out top when your business is searched for. If you are new and no one knows what your business is, then social media is a lot better. People trust brand names because they are used by many and widely known. With social media, you can tell your potential customers about your business and the kind of services you render. Social media marketing lets you target a particular audience and lets you reach the right people for your business. After you have gotten a good number of customer base then you can move to SEO.

Kind of home service

There are multiple home service business which is available and the kind you run should also determine which you should be using, either SEO or Social Media. If you run a mechanic service or a junk removal service, then you should go for SEO but if you run a business like a social media marketer right from your home or delivery service, you should try social media marketing.

The truth

Your business cannot do without one or the other. You have to use both of them if you really want your business to scale heights. You have to make sure you do both of them to a reasonable level if you want your home service business to be successful.

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