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How to find the Right Windshield Replacement Company in Scottsdale | Poulter Home Improvement
Poulter Home Improvement | How to find the Right Windshield Replacement Company in Scottsdale
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How to find the Right Windshield Replacement Company in Scottsdale

How to find the Right Windshield Replacement Company in Scottsdale


Arizona is a wonderful place to live in: hot summers and cool winters, something for everybody. But those changes could mean the death of your windshield. Yes, there are lots of ways to get your windshield cracked, crashed or smashed. Hopefully just cracked. And when that happens, you either are a great mechanic, or you need one. So, how do you find a windshield replacement company in Scottsdale?

Power Window Guys

The first thing you notice when coming to their site is the commercial. Watch it! They will explain their policy and work ethic. Randy, the business’ owner, talks about what they do and how they do it. He started small, thinking that $600 is too expensive for the job he could do himself. The word spread, and now they are first on Google search. The big advantage of their company is that they are mobile. You don’t have to drive, you call them and they come. This also cuts the waiting, they repair the windshield as soon as they get to your house. And they will arrive in about 45 minutes. Plus, their price is up to 40% lower than the dealer’s.


SafePro Auto Glass

This is a family owned business, regular people bringing tax and income to their home place, Arizona. Like many family businesses, they depend on their good reputation and word of mouth to spread their good name and bring them income. Besides, they have this nifty webpage, which makes for the great commercial. They even claim that the customers show 100% satisfaction with the services.

They use OEM glass and urethane glue, making sure to provide the best service possible. And they won’t send just anybody; their workers have to have at least 5 years of experience.

These people know how windshield is important, how it can protect you from flying objects and dirt, wherever you are, so they make sure to be up to the game.

If you have the insurance, they will help you handle the paperwork, so that’s one less job for you to do.

Finally, if you do have a repair with them, you get a warranty and a lifetime chip repair. With this offer, you always win!


Hightech Autoglass


This company boasts as the number 1, even award winning. What is it that makes them stand out from the rest?

First thing they will do when you call them is analyze the damage. They need to see if a small repair would be enough, or you need a complete replacement of the windshield. No mater day or night, they come right away. They check your car type, the windshield type, everything. And then they make their judgment. With them, the repair is easy as 1-2-3.

If you have an insurance, you are lucky. But don’t worry even if you don’t, with their job you get a lifetime warranty. After all, they are professionals, confident in their work. Their team is known in the neighborhood for their good service and customer relations. Foolproof service!


Safelite AutoGlass

This one is actually a part of a chain stores, but that doesn’t mean they are less reliable than the others. Actually, they have many positive comments and feedback. Yes, you have to go there to get your windshield repaired, yet they made sure you are not bored, by providing entertainment for you and your children. Many people using their services are regulars, bringing their vehicles for annual checkups and they praise not only the repair service, but customer relations, too. And, if you have something big to be done, small things, like washing your windows, come free.

With Safelite you will feel safe, especially since they make their employees profiles available online, so you know who works on your vehicle.

One final word: they recycle. Yes, the glass is recycled, used again, helping the environment. If you are concerned about ecology, this might be the shop for you.



This company is focused on North Scottsdale and the Old Town, so, even though they function on a smaller scale, they have a more personal approach, not overreaching themselves. They know that quality is better than quantity. Better to have a smaller number of customers, but perfect service, than to sacrifice the service for a little material gain. To have them check up on you, just fill the form. By your description, they will know whether you need a repair or a total replacement.

They are aware that people today are only getting busier, and not everyone has time or patience to visit the repair shop. Instead, they come to you. No matter big or small, no repair is too insignificant for them to come, you just choose the time.

There used to be a time when you’d need a whole day to get your windshield repaired or replaced. Besides, you’d have to make a change in your schedule to accommodate this new interruption to your daily routine. Your job and your life would have to wait and make space for windshield replacement. Luckily, today you can rest at home while the repair team comes to your place at the time you designated, and replace the windshield in less than an hour. If you have insurance, you can get your money back, gift promotions, even a free windshield.



Due to the increased traffic, all thanks to 101 Freeway Expansion, there’s been a lot more windshield replacement requests in Scottsdale. Changing seasons, the change in temperature makes the glass easier to brake, more fragile, and things flying into your windshield don’t make it harder, only easier to break. Luckily, there’s an increasing number of repair shops, and most of them will come to you.

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