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Common Misconceptions About Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs

Common Misconceptions About Garage Door Repairs

There exist various misconceptions about subjects which we often tend to think of as the truth. By doing so, we hinder the progress of a different kind. Since mistakes can be made on a lot of things, one cannot be surprised when it comes to the garage door. As nothing lasts for a lifetime, garage doors too require to be repaired or replaced. So here we bring you some of the most common misconceptions about garage doors.

1. Protection from the Circuit Breaker


One major misconception about garage doors is that the circuit breaker will always protect during any adverse situations. Since that is entirely wrong, keep 911 on standby before you go in for the repair.

2. Slow does not mean a fall


Many people believe that slow garage doors do not come falling. Since reality is far different, do not stand under a garage door, which is time-consuming.


3. I can fix it


This is not a school project where you need to showcase your skills, so always call and rely on an expert who can provide professional help. This move also helps to avoid any damages.


4. Too many costs


People always imagine the expenditure on repairing a garage door is high. But such investments are long term and hence provide value for money.


5. They do not fix it; instead, they change it


they change it


Garage doors can be fixed, and garage door companies do not always tell you to change the door every single time you call them. Hence, you notice a problem, do call them.


6. Minimum tools


Many people believe that the job can be solved with a set of tools and does not require the help of a professional. To keep yourself from harm, do call a specialist.


7. Repairs are easy


The garage door is not a toy that you can play with or repair in a matter of time. They have numerous elements, such as cables, wall switch, etc. So, let an expert take care.


8. Springs last for long


Springs last for long


During repairs, people tend to believe that springs need not be changed as they can last for a long time. Replacing your springs provides the door with enough stability and control.


9. Warranties are useless


Warranties can save you a lot of money as they provide a considerable amount of coverage in the long run. Such self-repairs are always worth it, regardless of what people might say about them.


10. The Biggest scam


Many people do not rely on companies which repair garage doors as they believe it is a move to charge a hefty fee. One can always research and find out ratings for companies before going ahead and calling them.


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