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Why Floor Safes Are Great

floor safes

Why Floor Safes Are Great

Floor safes are ideal measures for the protection of money, properties in form of documents, and other valuables, to keep them safeguarded from fire, water, mislay, theft, or any other form of damage. Looking at the rate of theft and burglary crimes, a floor safe is a perfect way of keeping yourself on the safer side.

Well, if you are not yet convinced why floor safe is a top-notch security measure for your valuables, here are more reasons why floor safes are great and why you also need to have it installed in your house:

They can’t easily be discovered

Floor safes are hidden in the concrete of the floor of the room you’d personally like to have it, so it is not visible to anyone, in as much as you do not specifically tell them. This is one of the greatest reasons why floor safes are one of the best security measures for safeguarding highly important things. Tens of people can organize a search around the room you have it installed and still fail to discover the exact spot it is placed in the ground. But that, however, depends on how concealed it is. So, it is better to have it installed in a room with very few visitors or entries.

You can have them in various sizes and weight of your choice

Another thing that makes floor safes exceptional is the fact that they come in various sizes. It can be deeper and wider, depending on what you need it for. While some people may prefer to have more than one small-sized floor safe installed in different rooms, you can decide to have a big one in a room.

One thing to also note is that floor safes are available in various weights. Well, that may sound normal, but you can choose to have a small-size floor safe with a heavy weight that is more than what one would normally expect. This is because even if the safe is discovered by burglars, moving it away would be a big challenge.

Digital security

The current floor safes available in today’s market have a digital security property. This allows you to input a multi-digit combination registered to it for it to be opened. Without much effort for you and for a lot more difficulty to anyone trying to open your safe behind you, a password will be required.

Resistance against fire, water, and safe from misplacement

Fire, water, and misplacement are three ways a file can easily be lost, or your important and priceless documents can give you a hard time. You may forget if you keep them just anywhere in the house, but by having them kept in a floor safe, you can never forget where they are placed or lose them to fire or water. According to kingsafeandlock.com, the reason for this is not because the floor safe will remind you, but having it there alone is enough for you not to forget, and floor safes are typically water and fire resistant because they are hidden in concrete.

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