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Why You Should Consider a Commercial Locksmith For Your Security Needs?

Why You Should Consider a Commercial Locksmith For Your Security Needs?

Running a business is no easy feat. There are 101 things to worry about and security may well be at the top of that list. In this modern age with advanced technology and cybercrime, it is necessary to ensure your business is 100% protected from those trying to steal from you or generally running your business down. A business is no good if it can easily be hacked or broken into. The damages and losses that result can be terrifying and even cause the business to close down if the insurance policy cannot cover the losses. This is why it is important to employ the services of a professional commercial locksmith to ensure all-round security for your business. Not only do locksmiths prevent breaking in, but they also effect measures to deal with a breaking-and-entering situation so your business is not left vulnerable.

Threats to Your Business

Often it is assumed that threats to businesses come from external sources. However, statistics show that internal threats are also a major cause for concern. Employees and generally those within the business or organization are likely to have concrete knowledge of the security system including factors like the type of alarm system, security guard shifts, the locations of CCTV cameras and blind spots, etc. This makes it easier for them to stage a break-in or worse, they may not need to break in if they have certain access control. This is when it becomes necessary to “trust no one.” Although it might not make sense that employees of an organization would want to steal from it since that would, in turn, put their jobs at risk, it is important to consider that such employees probably do not plan on returning to the organization if they carry out a sort of heist that would ruin the business entirely. Also, staff may try to steal in small quantities over a long period of time. So, the importance of employing a robust security system to protect from both internal and external threats cannot be overemphasized.

Benefits of commercial locksmith services

In terms of securing your business premises, here are some services offered by commercial locksmiths which will ensure maximum security and peace of mind for you as a business owner or manager.

Access control

A commercial locksmith can install an access control system for your business which will prevent just anybody from having access to certain rooms or areas. This means that unless permission is granted to access these places, they cannot be entered.

Panic hardware and electric strikes

Panic hardware refers to emergency bars and exits to be used in case of emergency situations. These typically cannot be operated from the other side of the door. A commercial locksmith can also design and install electric strikes which make it possible to lock and unlock doors either manually or automatically.

Installation and maintenance of a safe

Many businesses still use safes to secure valuables and cash. These need to be 100% “safe,” foolproof and well maintained, all of which can be effectively carried out by a commercial locksmith.

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